• Action items
    • Edward Ting will share gerrit patch list to the team today
    • Darien Hirotsu  will coordinate with Jill on the release announcement
    • Randy Bias still coordinating with Juniper team about NCDC content, more news by next week
    • Several still pending
  • 5.1 release
  • vRouter performance
    • Document to help newcomers to build vRouter on their own and then pass traffic to it
    • Have enough information to start doing some optimizations, removing the bottlenecks that have been spotted
    • Can cover technical details in the TC call
    • PS: Is this related to vsperf? (in OPNFV)
      • Yes and no: vsperf will give us an apples to apples comparison with other data planes, but we (TF) will need to make optimizations
      • Are we interested in getting into vsperf?
      • RLB: Interested, but may be a resource issue
      • PS: OPNFV can do most of it, if they can get docs on how to do setup (this doc may do the trick), PS offers to help them
      • JG: Already spoke with Sridhar Rao from Spirent, tech lead of vsperf. Integration is ongoing.
    • SK: How does this perf compare to ovs?
      • vsperf will run identical tests on ovs
      • Don't seem to have the data yet for comparisons
    • Integration w/other LFN projects helps get TF a step closer to becoming an LFN TAC member project
    • Folks are +1 on the idea
  • NCDC update
    • Tweet announcement
    • Have a workshop and a speaking slot
    • Just need the content now (gated on Randy)
  • collaboration
    • It's the new hotness
    • Reference arch uses VPP only
    • SK recommended TF be a part of their ref arch
      • Will's already been doing a lot of work on this
    • SK will intro core dev w/Will to sort out initial ideas
      • Have the core dev come present for ~15 minutes in an upcoming TSC call
    • DH: Why networkservicemesh instead of other tech (istio, linkerd, for instance)?
      • Please share this to the mailing list?
      • Istio & linkerd are at layers 4+
      • nsm are at layers 2 & 3, which is a better fit for us
    • Redapt could potentially lend a hand with this
    • CNCF is building a common test framework for all their projects (cross-cloud CI)
      • nsm is one of those projects, so being a part of that means we'd be a part of that testing
  • CLA update

Action items