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  • omg it's 1AM for Tatsuya-san!
  • Action Items
    • Pono: link/ write docs on how to add members to voting groups (for new Gerrit)
      • 2 systems, one manual & one automated
      • Will do manual for now
      • Pono will write that up
      • Where to put this? Wiki or repo?
        • Put in wiki for now until we get the repo cleaned up, then move to repo later
  • vicky: while at Juniper got a coding style guide that can be ported into the community
    • codify it into gerrit/ workflow?
    • will: linter or more style guide/ best practices
    • vicky: if no linter, there should be one eventually
  • Initial list of Docs Committers
    • From the mailing list:
      • Kieran (for now; will have a replacement soon-ish)
      • Will
      • Darien
      • Pono
      • Vicky
    • Folks are +1 on the list
    • swill: Possible to have only one person review then merge…?
      • Yeah, but can change whatever we want
      • Right now disallow someone reviewing their own stuff
      • Also, non-committers can vote
    • vmb: Problem for OpenStack: requirement to get reviews to merge means patches can languish
      • TSC will need to keep an eye on this
  • What to do about contrail-docs?
    • swill confirms that the docs build, images show
      • Release notes have a file, but getting started guide doesn't, copied it over & that worked fine; easy fix to send
      • Good starting point
    • vmb: De-Contrailization? A sticky problem.
      • Can't just do a dumb find/replace
      • We should assume that no code renaming will happen
        • For instance, contrail-controller won't be renamed
        • …buuuuut, that's referred to as Contrail Controller in the docs. What do we do about that?
        • Plus we don't know what these things will be called yet in the TF docs (TF? Tungsten? Tungsten Fabric?)
    • Going to be a ton of manual work regardless
      • Parcel it out across the group, each person work on pieces
      • Use a wiki page to track standards for changing things
    • VMB move the repo to TF GH, then we'll put this on hold for a couple weeks so we can have some time to take care of some other stuff.
      • Start with the Getting Started Guide (GSG)
      • swill: Start from top to bottom
      • vmb: Start from bottom to top
  • Moving the meeting?
    • OK with moving it to the other end of the day
    • VMB will send out a Doodle

Action items