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  • lisa: leading the meeting
  • ed: NCDC updates
    • wiki is posted with the agenda
    • randy has arranged two additional speakers
    • ed is working on the agenda
      • Edge Use Cases (Sukhdev) 
      • TF 5.1 release (Raymond)
      • Building TF Dev/Debugging (Ed)
        • randy: can you look at TF dev stack for this?
        • ed: yes will do, need to connect to Alex Levine
        • randy: it should be moved to TF repositories soon
      • randy: good job team, hugs
  • lisa: hopping back to action items we should discuss web audit in progress: Word doc at for group editing.
    • need to discuss messaging
    • looks like buzzword bingo
    • maybe we need to focus on marketing messaging and focus on developers
    • working on presentation (banner placement, and underlying messaging
    • usually on home pages you want an index of what you need to know
    • a redesign would be good so we don't have to scroll to find the right resources'
    • randy: not enough contrast, I find it hard to read
    • lisa: might need to rebrand as a whole
    • lisa: communty tab layout is strange
      • really big banner
      • needs to focus on Mission
      • community needs to be focused in the Mission
      • discussion on OpenContrail
        • randy: two buckets of people (some who know OpenContrail and its history and those who have never heard of it)
        • lisa: maybe the OpenContrail verbiage is something we can lose
      • lisa: need to focus on diversity over time; it would be great to share these metrics on this page
      • randy: when we move to bitergia, maybe we could do it real time
      • lisa: the key metric is diversity over time
        • most projects start from a vendor
        • what shows progress is that the project is changing hands to the community (diversity over time)
      • lisa: there was a complaint that there isn't a good place for video demos (shouldn't be in community)
      • randy: videos would be its own tab (rename Documentation to Resources and include there)
    • randy: there is no distinction in the Get Started tab for different types (developers versus operators)
      • developers
        • should include CLA
        • should include tf devstack
      • users
        • lots of options to deploy
          • Helm
          • Ansible
          • Public cloud
          • Carbide
        • lisa: triage in order? 
        • randy: yes!
        • randy: try to walk through a journey: start with tf-devstack, then move to POC
          • should be a way to work through different deployment models to help users
        • darien: it would also be helpful to articulate where to get artifacts and why (nightly builds versus official releases)
  • lisa: as we get deeper into messaging we may need more time and separate side bars to dig in as well as ensuring we have budget for next year
  • randy: can you drive that
  • list: yes!

Action items

  • Lisa Caywood work on plan to setup working meetings for messaging deep dives