• Review action items
  • Web audit
    • LC will do an audit of the website
    • She's not on this call, so she'll have to report back next week
  • 2019 marketing plan
    • ML: What was the plan last year?
      • Will dig up the LFN budget/plan for TF
    • Events we plan to participate in?
      • VMB: What do we mean by "participation?"
        • TF talk
        • TF booth participation
        • Collocated TF/LFN event
      • VMB: TF talks are just basic outreach, general part of what we do, no budget needed, should encourage for any/all events
    • RLB: LFN seems to focus only on LFN events, not really interested in projects to go outside of that?
      • Need outreach to other communities (k8s, etc)
      • Need outreach to get more devs
    • VMB: Physical marketing == budget & mostly LFN focuses; digital marketing == no budget needed, can reach multiple communities
    • ML: Found LFN TF priorities slides
      • Focus on cloud-native, Carbide launches
      • $50K budget, in several buckets
      • Not the final approved budget, that's in a different deck (per CCain)
    • CCain: That's a confidential deck
    • CCain: We have budget for TF-specific Developer Forum (as TF opted not to participate in LFN DDF). We should make the decision on this shortly.
  • NCDC
    • Only have 1 speaker so far (oh no!)
      • Juniper doesn't have folks available & no time to get visas
      • ET has reached out to some folks in China (99cloud), but getting no traction yet
      • Maybe Sukhdev?
    • Edward will work w/James & Lisa to get TF schwag/banners

Action items:

  • Maddison LongGet YouTube credentials from James & share w/ Casey Cain
  • Casey Cain Figure out what's up with that newsletter action item
  • Lisa Caywood Add web audit to next week's agenda
  • Maddison Long Add review of budget/plan for 2019 to next week's agenda (following Casey's email of this)
  • Casey Cain Sending LFN/TF budget to MWG mailing list
  • Maddison Long Move ONS, KubeCon NA and 5.1 TF Release Webinar to agenda of next week's MWG meeting
  • Randy Bias Ping Sukhdev to speak in Beijing on June 20
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  1. In advance of our discussion next week on marketing plan for Q3, Q4 of 2019, I've added the Tungsten Fabric Priorities and Objectives slide to our wiki: 2019 Marketing WG Goal Brainstorming

  2. Casey Cain

    Budget numbers for TF Marketing are as follows:
    Website: $7,500 
    DDF/Plugfests $30,000
    Other Community Events / Developer Outreach - $10,000