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  • Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics
    • vHost & lookups
    • 5.1 release


  • Performance
    • JG: Still working with Legal to get approval to share performance numbers
    • Rudra sill working on vHost perf on his side
      • See whether kernel vHost is more efficient
    • jjeya: Planning to move to DPDK version in Contrail
    • RD: Kernel-based supports live migration?
      • JJ: Depends on the Linux kernel used but believe it should work fine
    • Kiran from Juniper working on moving contrail vhost (for dpdk) to dpdk vhost
    • JG: need to try build using dpdk from dpdk org instead of contrail-dpdk
    • jjeya: have contrail specific patches on top of dpdk org.
    • JG: intel team can help with upstreaming the patches to align with the code.
    • PS: need to try having using standard APIs instead of patching in a fork.
    • SK: trying to move towards community effort and there are things due to historical reasons.
      • expect help from community to start taking lead rather than relying on Juniper, will provide as much support as possible.
  • SK: support for TF DPDK with kubernetes.
    • JG: will check internally and revert back, need to check for approvals
    • PS: can help with respect to functionality of vrouter
  • r5.1
    • build process Building a Release
    • SK: monthly release planned by Juniper
    • PS: needs to be discuss at TSC
    • PS: have a proposal for auto build process.
  • only one code (upstream code) that will be used by Juniper as well as community.

Action items