• Casey Cain : Quick LFN announcement
    • Phil Robb leaving LFN effective tomorrow
    • Shouldn't be any change for the community
    • Casey needs to drop now (in Stockholm for DDF)
    • Slack best way to reach him for now
  • Don't have quorum today; won't be making any decisions
  • VMB to Rudra Dubey: Abhijeet can't make it; hand seat to you?
    • RD will talk to Abjijeet
  • TF Deprecation Policy
    • darien: going through 5.1 docs, looking for deprecated features and setting a policy going forward
      • any ideas on what/ how to codify deprecation policy?
    • prabhjot: examples?
    • darien: mesosphere no longer supported by Juniper?
      • Do we want to pick this support up in the community? Let it go?
    • PS: SK, background on this from Juniper POV? Is Mesosphere deprecated going forward?
    • We're looking for general policy around deprecation, not rat hole on this Mesosphere issue
  • Release notes?
    • Do we have these?
      • No, we do not AFAWCT
    • Usually have these, but don't seem to have them this time
      • Theoretically release notes include known issues, but as there aren't any there is no need for release notes
    • Blog is about all we have:
    • Used to have a Launchpad link that would show all of the issues closed in a release; have that in Contrail Jira?
      • SK: Working to figure out how to deal with three Jiras
        • Commercial Contrail
        • Open Contrail (trying to do away with this in favor of TF Jira but snags w/internal Juniper processes)
        • TF
      • SK: Used to get this info backchannel via Paul Carver at ATT; maybe Rudra can help?
  • Talk of issue trackers
    • 3 Jiras (see above)
    • Launchpad contents moved to TF Jira
    • How to correlate LP tickets with TF Jira tickets?
      • Text search
  • Community SLA & metrics
    • Randy's not here to introduce the doc
    • Suggestion to review & take offline, add to next week's call
  • Build & release process
    • Don't have quorum, can't approve
    • Discuss next week
    • PS will be on the Infra call to discuss with CI/CD team
  • DH: Question on the CLA process
    • Need authorization…?
    • Will email VMB

Action items