• cc/dh: regarding the feature deprecation policy, dh is working on a draft. targeting to have the draft for review next TSC call. 
  • ICLA and gerrit
    • still broken (
    • need to setup a call with interested parties and someone with the understanding of gerrit
    • RLB: Sukhdev cannot be a single point of contact
    • rb: the migration of repositories is a high priority. that said it may take up to a year.
    • al: migration might be closer than we think. working on CI. marcus is working on plugging in CI jobs. plan of action is to plug new CI into Vexxhost and connecting Juniper CI to run in parallel to gradually switch it over.
    • rb: understood but we are 7 months overdue. strong suggestion that we assume it will take a long time. fantastic news that Vexxhost will plug into the legacy gerrit. do ICLAs not work on old gerrit or new gerrit?
    • al: andrei mentioned issues with the new tungsten gerrit.
    • ws: haven't been able to get the ICLA for to work either. trying to use it for docs.
    • vs: vicky has spent a lot of time getting the manual process to work. she got the ICLAs to work for new users.
    • ws: she did a lot of work on access. two JIRA epics open.
    • rb: the process currently (on the admin side) is to remember to check the cla@ mailing list
    • ws: one issue is that the rest of the admin process is unclear
    • rb: we will have a recurring item on the TSC call to review and get folks accepted (this can't take longer than a week)
  • rb: we checked attendance. reminder that TSC members have to be on the call on a recurring basis. all TSC members will remain in place for now. 
  • rb: tf-devstack updates?
  • rb: Gary Greenberg (sp?) from RedHat is leaning into TF, so expect to see more involvement from the RedHat
  • TF Community SLA
    • rb: within Juniper we are reconciling some open items to get better about aligning to open source process. prabhjot brought up an issue with accepting gerrit patches. Juniper asked for some SLAs to align to. it would be good to have a structure around this. with this in place, then we can enforce it within Juniper and the rest of the community. the result of the ask was the doc linked in the Agenda. please review. don't get hung up on how we enforce or measure it. let's set the targets for now.
    • ps: maybe we need to include SLA to assign someone to a commit or blueprint.
    • rb: take a swag at the verbiage and add to the doc.
  • jg: i'll be sabbatical for 9 weeks. Brian will be my proxy (experience with OPNFV and OVS)
  • Review of Build and Release Process document
    • ps: we have a heavy dependence on Juniper. need to work on the community release.
    • rb: fyi, we are working on committing to monthly releases.
    • ps: if you have any suggestions, please add to the document. just a crude draft for now. needs detail like which branches to operate on etc.
    • rb: this should probably be a standing item on the work stream meeting.
    • ps: will do.
  • Gerrit Bashing
    • rb: not a big fan but there is so much going on. lots of other fish to fry. short term, we ARE on gerrit. that said, we need to review it.
    • ws: i'm comfortable with that.
    • rb: just as a heads up, juniper is planning on moving away from gerrit (gitlab). 
    • overall, agreement that we will table this for now, but we will revisit when we get further down the process.

Action items