• Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • CLA requests
  • Update on list of LFIDs of committers
  • Update on JIRA workflow/ blueprints
  • Active Community Branches
    • is community going to inherit same active branches as Juniper 
    • release cycle alignment with Juniper ?
  • General Topics


  • Action Items
  • With Phil Robb leaving the LF
    • there are changes happening to improve service to LF projects
    • Casey Cain will have more hours to spend on TF stuff
    • launched new analytics services for TF
      • blocked on gerrit migration
  • CLA Requests
    • need more people on CLA mailing list to teach/ document and triage requests
    • updates after next meeting
  • LFID committers/ Jira updates
    • waiting on Juniper
  • Active community branches
    • related stories and epics are in juniper's Jira but not linked to TF Jira
    • Sukhdev Kapur is working on it
    • alex: monthly release cut off is mid july
    • alex: juniper is not supporting older releases 1907/ etc
    • prabhjot: this is what we need to figure out as TF community
    • Sukhdev Kapur how to align with juniper's release plan?
    • prabhjot: can we get a codified policy from Juniper?
    • sukhdev: if we can get blueprints into the community, then there is more transparency
    • prabhjot: that's good but we also need more information from a governance perspective
      • can we get documentation?
    • sukhdev: there is none at the moment
    • pono: can we just get some blueprint or something into the TF Jira to track?
    • sukhdev: working on aligning workflows and bugs into the community Jira
      • top priority
  • JIRA - New JIRA dashboard needs to be made
    • Casey Cain Offered to get some help from LF experts.

Action items