• No action items or new Jira tickets
  • Jira workflow
    • CC added a way to close tickets from the Fix Verified state
    • Working on a dashboard a'la ODL's
  • Gerrit
    • Docs repo is working and so far workflow seems to work OK
    • No gating on the docs repo yet
    • Pono would like to delete all repos except docs.
      • Will email dev@ & tsc@ to confirm things are OK to scrap
  • Repo move
    • Alex has no update yet; unsure whether Carlo is back from PTO yet
  • Update on Zuul
    • Optimising right now
    • Zuul plugged into existing Contrail gerrit still
    • Still working fine, gradually improving
    • Already a bit faster than the legacy Zuul
    • Working on adding more tests
      • Replace manual tests…?
      • Currently sufficient coverage, but they're manually run from jenkins
      • Just need to include them in the CI, but right now they take up to 6 hours
        • Working on fixing that
      • Are some gaps in tests, but aren't showstoppers
        • Will address once all the existing tests are moved to the new Zuul
    • possible to have gaps documented so the rest of the community can look at it?
      • AT&T has tests to give, possible to accept help?
      • alex: too early as of now, given that builds aren't finalized
      • we need docs so we can show interested parties that we're making progress/ building out
      • alex: still experimental setup for zuul + juniper gerrit, so tough to write a finalized doc
      • vmb: something is better than nothing
      • Testing and CI/CD initial doc (smile)
  • Other items?
    • Casey holding off on further Jira workflow changes until he hears from Sukhdev
    • Docs landed their first real patch in Gerrit yesterday (progress!)

Action items