• No new action items or infra tickets to review
  • Gerrit
    • Looking OK
    • Ran into docs snag: no tests for code verification
      • Manually submitting verified label, which is suboptimal
      • Eventually may want to get this set up if we want tests in zuul for docs
    • Aside from that appears to be working
      • zuul is connecting to it (maybe just tests)
  • CI/CD updates
    • Still blocked on Carlo for repo move
    • Working on long build times
    • New zuul works well, sometimes better than old zuul
    • Working to get more test coverage while waiting for Carlo
  • Repo move
    • Carlo on PTO, so waiting for him to return
  • Jira workflows
    • Need a lot of work
      • Lots of 'Fix Verified' but can't close them
      • Will work on that, at least
    • Sukhdev will have some new workflows, so we'll do a big workflow update after we get those (it'll be a while)
    • Casey will also add a better dashboard (will also take a while)
  • Nice short meeting, woo!

Action items