• Review 
  • Jira review
    • No new tickets
    • might want to adjust/ make a new component since non-Infra team work is getting tagged (ie, bugs/ feature requests for TF are getting tagged)
  • ATT tests PR
    • Alex: unsure if we should accept PR
      • openstack tempest, docs tests 
      • these tests don't really fit into the current suite of tests
      • overlap with current tests
    • sukhdev: why are they so different
    • Alex: uses different abstractions than current test suite
      • uses heat instead of python
      • expects heat to be slower than python and python is already too slow (re: CI doc where tests are taking so long)
      • maybe after we improve test performance we can take another look
    • Sukhdev: AT&T is running the tests currently
      • Paul Carver used to run them
      • run them in addition to current tests
    • Alex: possible to switch test suite out
      • but need to have a longer discussion about the suites
    • Sukhdev: AT&T has spoken a lot about how they run more tests and how they want to get the community involved
    • Alex: they probably run these manually
      • subset of total tests (14/100-something)
      • currently running 100-something tests
      • possible there is non-overlapping coverage but need to explore it
    • Sukhdev: need to talk with AT&T reps about how we can work with them
    • Alex: not to say we are not going to take it, but that we are still finalizing the Zuul setup 
      • so we cannot integrate new design choices until there's a more finishing design
    • Sukhdev: can you respond to the PR so they are kept in the loop
      • been sitting around since 2018
      • bring up on TSC call when AT&T is around
  • Pono is working on gating gerrit for requiring Ticket IDs

Action items

  • @alex levine Respond on Github to the PR