• Welcome, Armen!
  • Action items 
    • Gating on Jira ticket? Pono is done, needs docs. Still pending more info.
    • Armen reviewed them! Need comments yet.
    • Question yet on #8; awaiting Tatsuya Naganawa 's input.
    • Should be able to merge the rest soon (woo!)
  • Docs Census
    • Pretty much as done as it's gonna be! Woo!
    • Will asking people to add their experiences w/the docs here
    • Time to go to the next step: plan to consolidate/collect/organize the docs
      • Includes rolling out Read The Docs installation
    • Time to start reviewing the census, bucketing them, moving
    • Will suggests the current docs repo org could use more work
      • For instance, move Infra under Admin
      • Rename Admin to something that doesn't imply you're operating the software

Action items