• Jira tickets
    • Did anyone get the chance to try working on any Jira tickets?
      • Will bumped some CLA tickets, but didn't get the chance to work on any
    • Please try to carve out a bit of time for this in the next week or so
  • tf-transitional-contrail-docs pull requests
    • Syed & Tatsuya-san have reviewed some
    • Update needed for one of them; VMB will try to do today
  • Docs Census
    • Have an initial version in place
    • Are a few things missing that need to be added yet
      • Helm deployer, for instance
    • Architecture between 1-step deploy and Ansible deploy are completely different (k8s vs control plane in Docker made into CNI available to k8s)
      • Will to create a diagram for each of these
      • Also add some more commentary on Will's experience
    • VMB: Have enough info to get started w/planning a docs reorg?
      • Will: Think so, yup (Syed: +1)
    • Syed: Concerned that it's still hard to tell what's important for what
      • VMB: Definitely; reorg needed
    • VMB will start reviewing the census for reorg
      • Make docs repo the single source of truth
      • Will: Contributor docs should be a high priority
  • Website refactor
    • FYI: Lisa will use the docs census to help w/the website refactor
  • Release notes
    • DH volunteered to write these for 5.1. Format?
    • VMB points to release notes stuff as a starting point
    • How to generate release notes going forward?
      • Automate from Jira tickets & commits?
    • VMB suggests a blueprint/ticket to capture an initial proposal
    • TN points out there's a public spec repository:
      • Most of the features are in here, can refer to them
      • Note that some features are proprietary, so from the TF side we would have to determine which ones are internal to Juniper versus community
      • Still being maintained
        • Releases within Juniper are now monthly
        • The convention is RYYMM
    • VMB is having a call w/Sukhdev & Carlo later today about the blueprint process; more info later
  • GSoC contribution

Action items