• Action items: All done! Woo!
  • tf-transitional-contrail-docs pull requests:
    • Confirmed: Need Ansible Docs
    • VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her) To take care of this, merge the PRs
    • tf-transitional-contrail-docs next step: Review Release Notes in this repo
  • Read The Docs review update
    • Having a look at what's needed to get this up and running
    • lfdocs:
    • Does markdown, but Sphinx requires rST for inter-file linking
    • Not gonna be too big of a deal, but good to know
    • Will need a little assist from LF IT, but should work w/the hosted RTD
    • Theming?
      • Haven't thought about it at all
        • Haven't looked at the docs for it
        • Looking to keep it simple. Colours & logo.
      • Less important than the content
  • TFB-1412
    • Need a summary of this. From A to B
    • VMB: Can we get that and/or a patch
  • GSoC patch
    • Fayaz Akhtar has most of the docs complete but keeps hitting a Gerrit error
      • Asking for an Issue ID…?
    • VMB: This is a new Gerrit gate
      • Will send info

Action items