• Action items
    • None completed in past week (sad)
  • Updates
    • Transitional docs
    • Read the Docs
      • On hold until there's progress on the Docs census
    • Docs census
      • Temporarily on hold pending TFB-1412
    • Gerrit issue
      • People unable to push patches
      • Need a .gitreview in the repo
      • Waiting to hear back from Pono
      • This is blocking Fayaz (sad)
  • TFB-1412
    • Still pending a patch
    • This is blocking further work
  • We need more help!
    • VMB is on PTO for 2 weeks starting this weekend
    • We need a lot more help in general
    • GG: A list of actions to assign to people?
      • Low-hanging fruit?
      • VMB: Maybe start on TFB-1412?
    • VMB: Maybe we need an Epic in Jira to describe the steps to stand up RTD?
  • DH: Release notes for 5.1
    • Does format matter…?
    • VMB: Nah, not right now, we'll clean up later

Action items