Lisa Caywood

Casey Cain


Website: Expect to see mockups midweek next week.

LFN @ KubeCon

  • No booth. LF Edge might have a booth?
  • VCO demo in Keynote - being cloud-nativized (but no TF element)
  • Not doing an independent event
  • Seeing about doing something with Telecom Working Group. 1st meeting in Barcelona. Having another one in San Diego, LFN to start looking at how to insert, perhaps w/TSC leads joining for an hour or two.
  • EnvoyCon on Monday
  • NetworkServiceMeshCon on Monday - See CFP open until 9/13, Fred Kautz is talking w/Sukhdev. Also looking for concrete use cases. LFN might sponsor, would most likely lead with relevant project logos (, TF) vs LFN brand 
  • ServiceMeshCon (LinkerD) on Monday