• Action items
  • Workflow for Blueprint Approvals and Signoff
    • CLA Discussion.
    • Randy Bias asked for volunteers to support the documentation around SLAs and Workflow review process.
      • Randy asked Sukhdev and Prabhjot to help him support this effort.
  • Ian:
    • Wrap up of GSoC was good
    • Kubernetes integrations
  • Monthly releases
    • should the community match pace with Juniper's monthly release cycle?
    • naming scheme is 1908 (2019-08)
    • how can we keep quality high without being forced to the monthly cadence?
    • alex: smoke testing from zuul
      • rename repos, migrate, setup with zuul
    • Will we move to Monthly releases
      • What are the limitations that would affect the adoption of the release if we adopt a monthly release cycle
      • What will we be doing around Upgrades and do we have a documented process for that?
      • We need to ensure stability in the "Production Release" version of the build.
        • We can develop a plan around this.
    • What will the numbering scheme be?  Or will we use a naming structure?
  • Budget Discussion
    • The TSC needs to provide a list of items that are priorities to the LFN for 2020 planning
      • Numbers are not required (only priority items)
      • The due date for this is Sept. 9th
    • TSC members: respond to the Doodle poll to lock in a dedicated meeting (send to the tsc-private mailing list)

Action items