• Action item review
    • VMB: Sketch out the steps needed to stand up RTD (open an epic): Not done yet, maybe next week
  • Review of Fayaz Akhtarproject
    • Document is complete, uploaded to Gerrit but is a Gerrit problem
      • There's a Jira gate on Gerrit but it doesn't work
      • We've been trying to get it fixed, but we're being ignored
    • Review happening in Fayaz' GH
      • Gary working through the doc, step by step
    • VMB will get the Gerrit thing fixed
    • ETA for the doc: Unknown. Waiting on Syed and Gary
    • Need to prioritize getting Read the Docs setup so we can get docs officially published
    • Service chaining in containers use case in this doc has been getting a lot of attention! Woo!
      • Maybe pull this out as a blog post, linking back to the full doc?
      • Yes, good plan
  • RTD
  • Docs Census update
    • Where are we now?
    • Census is as done as it's going to be
    • Started calling out things that aren't doc'd yet or aren't clear
      • 2 different ways to deploy w/k8s, for instance
      • VMB: Will need to put these in tickets at some point, but A+ that we're tracking it
    • How's this connected to the website refactor?
      • No permanent dependency
      • Marketing can link to docs where they are, can fix links later if they move, write tickets to make sure we fix the links
    • Next steps
      • Getting RTD working
      • Start user journey, use for reorg of docs
      • Come up with plan for moving the docs according to the reorg
    • WS: Current structure could work if the readme does a good job describing
    • VMB: Yes but…just fix the directory structure, barebones readme, just to get moving
    • VMB: Blocked by the Gerrit problem though, FYI
  • Spreadsheet
    • Documentation punchlist
    • Over a year old
    • VMB doesn't believe this is a useful list anymore
    • Reference it on Docs Census so we don't lose track of it, but don't invest a lot of time in it right now

Action items