• Social Networking
    • We have a FB account? Gonna kill this off.
    • Twitter access is being shared around to team members now
    • ML has access to the YouTube channel; will share around
    • LinkedIn group? Chaitanya will make Lisa an admin
      • May just make this into a LinkedIn org instead
      • Will think on this a bit; not a high priority at the moment
      • LFN is thinking about how to use LI themselves for digital marketing, just starting to explore that...
    • Transition to ReadtheDocs is on track for mid-October.
    • Request from TSC to help plan a Shanghai meetup adjacent to OpenStack the first week of Nov. Juniper NXTWORK and KubeCon NA happening 2nd and 3rd weeks of November. May not be available community bandwidth to plan something alongside OpenStack in Shanghai.
    • Aligning TF marketing objectives/goals and strategy (one-to-two slides) with LFN marketing objectives/goals and strategy by ONS Europe.

Action items