• Action items
    • VMB still needs to write up a ticket for the blog post
  • Overview of RTD plan
  • RTD update
  • Next steps for RTD
    • Pono talking to CI team (see above)
    • Review MVP for necessary changes
    • Start looking at census to see what docs to move over (Darien will start on this; open tickets)
    • Start working on some Gerrit docs
    • Scope of RTD? 
  • Confirmation on Jira/BP workflow format
    • Are a separate docs in gdocs
    • In TWS meeting, want to convert these for the docs repo
  • GSoC artifacts
    • There are some things that are outstanding but where to put them?
    • DH will ping offline
  • Meeting time?
    • VMB needs to ping Tastuya-san again
    • If he can't join us, we'll move the call

Action items