• Action items
    • VMB: done
    • Darien: done, should have patch submitted by EOW-ish
  • Gerrit reviews
    • Much talk about process
    • Right now requires a +2 code review, +1 verify
    • Need to look at to see previous process, then use that for now (may require change)
  • RTD update
    • Emailed Progmatic about Zuul jobs for RTD
      • Set up CI to automagically build and publish docs as they're merged
    • Complication: Working on standardisation for new RTD3 API
      • Not sure whether we'll need this yet
      • Probably just 
    • When a patch is merged…?
      • Can RTD show a diff?
      • It'll build somewhere that we can confirm (Verify check) as a staging before it goes live
  • tf-devstack documentation
    • tf-devstack docs need a lot of work
      • Few docs, specific to AWS
      • Devs will want to use their laptops
    • swill is trying to make it work with VirtualBox and hitting problems
      • And it's entirely undocumented
      • Reverse-engineering and documenting as he goes along
      • Once he has something working, he'll update the tf-devstack docs, link in the Contributor guide
  • Challenge: Commit process for patches against r.o.o.d.d.d?
    • Requires tickets, but can't create a ticket against the Juniper Jira…to which we don't have access
  • DDF
    • Attending for sure: VMB, swill
    • Maybe: Pono, Darien
    • Topic idea: Contributor guide hackathon; general +1
  • Reschedule docs call
    • Please do the doodle by Monday

Action items