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  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics
  • Release notes
    • 5.1
  • IRC
  • TSC seat


  • TSC nominations in January
  • PTL job description
    • SK: I agree with the content
    • CC: We need to come to a conclusion on these docs to come to a consensus.
      • need to see how PTL fits into the broader community
      • need to get PTL structure and blueprints into place before elections
      • Charter specifically references Job roles such as the PTL.  Please use this as a reference.
      • need to be able to pull list (programmatically) to do a vote (or metrics) at any time
    • move conversation to mailing lists/ bring up at TWS call
  • 2020 priorities
  • Community analytics
    • should be able to get analytics to the community roughly end of next week
  • DDF topics for KubeCon
    • SK: confirmed 5 speakers from Juniper + Sukhdev, technical talks
    • CC: the sooner the agenda is set, the more interest we can gather
    • CC: Can't build the agenda until we get topics.  So please get them in as soon as possible.
  • IRC

Action items