• tf-gerrit-docs-committers
    • Darien, Gary, Will, pono, Tatsuya, Vicky
  • Action items
    • Darien: TFB-1493? Time slotted to do this on Friday; VMB got us an open version of the data; in the ticket
  • Gerrit open tickets
    • Please have a look; link above
  • Core committers on docs repo (see above)
    • Pono is looking for how to discover this
    • Looks like it's LDAP and can't see it right now
    • Eventually will have a YAML file in each repo with this info
  • RTD update
    • Looks like can't do CI on Zuul for a while (team is backlogged)
    • This week: fix the GitHub mirror then push from GH to RTD
    • Workflow should remain the same: Patch to Gerrit
      • Then ~15 minutes to see live on RTD
    • RTD new ad model
      • Can show ads, pay to remove them, or opt to show community stuff only
      • VMB: For now can just leave ads on
    • ETA for RTD?
      • Goal for end of week
    • DH: Help for the transition?
      • Pono: will added this into master already
      • VMB: next step is finding other blocks that need conversion and then create tickets for the blocks
      • Look at Docs Census, find things that are related to contributing, write tickets for each to get into repo & converted to rST, then potentially do the work if you have the time.
        • Add link to ticket next to doc in Docs Census
  • Will: manage/write contributors docs?
    • Will Stevens isn't on the call today (booked elsewhere); take this one to mailing list; VMB will start the thread

Action items