• Action items
    • Pono will get info.yaml out today
    • VMB sent patch
  • Skip the patches for now
    • Operational details
      • Pono: Mirror is funky & gerrit isn't replicating correctly, but will sort it out
      • Flow: Edit > Gerrit patch > Wait ~10 minutes > replicates to GitHub > Builds from GH (a bit of lag here) > RTD displays from master on GH
      • Assume ~30 minutes max right now to see you patch go live
    • Were problems with Zuul
      • Zuul isn't set up to test repos out of the TF Gerrit yet
      • Weren't any cycles on the Progmatic team right now
    • Configs?
      • For now, everything seems to be as we need
      • Can tweak later when/if we get more RTD experience
    • Admins for RTD
      • Will reduce the circus factor w/more admins
    • Announcing!
      • VMB announce at TSC call
      • Come up with a statement to send to dev@
  • Next steps
    • Pono: Would like to add to CI that docs are required (will open ticket)
    • VMB take this question to the list

Action items