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  • Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics
  • Upcoming events in 2019?


  • Action items
    • CC: send PTL description
      • Please review & provide feedback via comments on the wiki page
    • DH/WS: Research moving release notes to rst
      • DH doing that this week
  • Nick Davey w/roadmap questions
    • Juniper PLMs coming to the DDF to talk about Contrail & TF roadmap
    • What kind of content would you like to hear about at this meeting?
      • DH: Direction of Contrail security?
      • RLB: Intent compiler has been in flux; learn more about that?
      • ET: Difference between Juniper & community releases (need a clear answer on that)
        • RLB: Should be a FAQ on the website
      • ET: How to share the roadmap between Contrail & TF
    • ND: Goal to make this more than just a roadmap discussion
  • SK DDF topics
    • Nick is coming for PLM, also have some technical deep dives from Juniper devs
    • Please chime in on the Tungsten Fabric 2019 DDF wiki page if you'd like to attend these and/or have specific things you'd like to learn from these sessions
    • ET: Is there a document for this?
  • DDF logistics
    • KubeCon registration required?
      • CC has been told 'nope, not needed' but is going to follow up w/events team to get a separate cvent registration page
    • When will the schedule be made?
      • CC: should lock topics soon (now?)
        • Lock on the 31st
      • CC will post draft schedule on 1st, lock in by 8th
    • Woo! Read The Docs!
    • NEED HELP!
      • Prabhjot Singh Sethi ATS will have someone who can start helping docs@ next month
      • Nick Davey: Will get someone from Juniper PLM or another team to join the docs call
    • Will be a DDF session for contributor docs. Please sign up to help out! Tungsten Fabric 2019 DDF
  • Community Working Group Meeting Attendance
    • Voted Sept 12 and agreed to the Community Commitments
    • One of those commitments: "Community Working Group Meeting Attendance - 80% participation per quarter"
    • Will start tracking this, do a wall of shame
    • Eventually will start enforcing this to ensure TSC & WGs have active participation
    • VMB: Suggestion to email? (RLB: will do)
    • Enforce in WGs?
      • Yeah, probably should
      • Don't have a list of WG membership; should fix (VMB will create Jira ticket to add to docs)
  • Joseph Gasparakis is moving on (sad)
    • From November onward will be in new position at Intel
    • Won't have the cycles to participate w/TF (also is unrelated to his new role)
    • Can totally ping him for 1-off things
    • SK: Will your replacement be joining these calls?
      • JG: Discussing the plans internally now; will let you go ASAP
  • Elections for TSC
    • Up in January
    • But now we're down 2 (or 3 if count ARB)
    • Propose accelerate PTL discussion and kick off election at end of this month
      • Would also align with other LFN TSC elections
    • RLB: Can't accelerate PTL discussion; relies on the Juniper side + needs lots of coordination
    • VMB: DDF session on governance; lots to discuss there
    • Won't be bumping the election to end of this month
  • FYI: Juniper team will start opening a bunch of tickets soon
    • You'll see these starting to arrive
    • Please keep your eyes open for those
  • Upcoming events for 2019?
    • ET: What are the events?
    • VMB: Question for MWG; let them know and ask them to show up here to give readout
  • TF Chinese Community
    • Launching soon
    • Local community ambassador

Action items

  • Randy Biasto review TSC attendance process with Casey Cain
  • Randy Bias to email the working group mailing lists to inform those not present regarding the attendance policies. 
  • Casey Cain to build lists of working groups and voting members