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  • Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics


  • Action Items
    • CC: doc to track different working groups & who's driving them
      • Modified community meetings page
    • CC: Ping Rudra about tests
      • Done; Rudra will have more info by next call
    • CC: Talk to Randy about TSC process (attendance, etc)
      • Done; working on a doc about this; proposal for vote soon
      • RLB: The community commitments already have language about this
      • VMB: Move this to a patch to the gov doc? CC: OK
  • TF Datasheet
    • Link above
    • Need this updated/printed before Kubecon
    • Mostly cribbed from Contrail datasheet, but as we're moving further away from Contrail should give this a closer look
    • Reviewing doc via screen share
    • For future reference, here's the TF LFN induction doc: https://wiki.lfnetworking.org/x/KAMiAQ
  • Review/approve LFN tech event plans
    • Casey w/the details re: the info in the email
    • If you have feedback about these, let us know
  • CI test infra
    • Juniper is rebuilding their CI test infra
    • Could be enough spare capacity that the community could use it (if the infra is duplicated/similar enough)
    • Would need a significant of public infra to do bare metal testing
    • Also is a lab in NYC that the community can use (no capacity details yet) for bare metal
    • Totally community driven
    • No Vexxhost needed
      • May need to adjust the budget accordingly
  • LF Board update on the way
    • Just a couple of bullets 
    • Sending to tsc@ to confirm

Action items

  • Casey CainMove attendance wording to a patch to the gov docs
  • Sukhdev Kapur to verify whether the fabric management drivers are open or closed, also AWS VPC (probably not but need to confirm)
  • Darien Hirotsu Summarize the analytics for TF in the datasheet
  • Sukhdev Kapur and Randy Bias to update the table in the datasheet to be clear about how/where we support which clouds
  • Casey Cain Put TF TAC rep on the TSC agenda for next week