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  • Start the Recording
  • Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing (Roll Call, Action Items (5 minutes)
  • General Topics
    • TF TAC Rep
    • Community Meetings (Week of November 18th)
    • Rescheduling TWS and TSC calls?
    • DDF schedule?
    • Update on community metrics work
    • Community Commitments and Healthy Community Proposal


  • Action items
    • Update the data sheet? RLB has done much of this and LC has sent info on to Brandon
  • TF TAC Rep
    • Need someone to take over for Joseph 
    • This is usually the TSC chair, but ODL runs an election for this
    • Who's eligible?
      • All committers? TSC only? TSC + PTLs?
      • TSC + PTLs seems to be the leader; will probably need to vote on it at some point
  • Community meetings the week of KubeCon/DDF
    • Just cancel these?
    • No objections, so those are off the calendar (shortly)
    • Following week is Thanksgiving in the USA, so…yeah, no TSC call then, either
  • FYI: LF is closed Dec 23rd - Jan 3rd
    • Propose cancel all meetings in that date range
    • Generally no objections on that, either
  • Rescheduling TWS & TSC calls
    • With DST change, these calls are now unreasonably late for our Indian community members
    • Put some Doodles together for these
  • DDF schedule?
    • Not complete yet, but hopefully later today
    • CC will create the skeleton form for the schedule, then ask individuals to select times that work best
    • Look for this email to arrive
  • Update on community metrics work
    • Person who was working on the metrics is no longer at LF
    • Someone new assigned yesterday, but their calendar is currently booked
    • VMB: Please add Slack stats…?
      • It's a roadmap item
  • FYI: Is now a Freenode IRC channel
    • #tungstenfabric
    • Not actively used yet, but it exists already
  • Community Commitments and Healthy Community Proposal
    • CC took community commitments & fleshed it out
    • Project & Healthy Community Proposal
    • Please read it in detail
    • VMB: Suggestion to send it as a patch to Gerrit, then folks can add their comments in review

Action items

  • Casey CainDraft a proposal to define eligibility to be a TF TAC Rep so we can vote on it later & get it into the governance docs
  • Casey Cain Put doodles together for moving the TWS and TSC calls
  • Daniel Pono Takamori Put meetbot into #tungstenfabric on Freenode