Prabhjot won't be able to make it today.



  • Action items
    • DH summarised the analytics for the data sheet
  • Updating governance docs w/DDF decisions
    • VMB: Haven't seen any patches; where are we on this?
      • Suggestion that the Community Committee have a look at the governance docs to see what changes might be needed
      • Community Committee members: Technical Steering Committee
    • Ian suggests a special session to discuss this
      • Casey will set that up
    • Aim to have a draft ready for review by Dec 19 TSC call
  • Replacing Slack?
    • IRC, or…
    • Community needs to gather its requirements, review options, make educated choice rather than defaulting to some options
    • VMB will start that process & mail the community

Action items

  • Casey CainSet up a special call for the Community Committee for reviewing the governance docs, tackling the PTL description
  • VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her) Put together a draft of real time chat tool requirements