• Reviewing patch #50
    • Will be taking a best guess on some of these things
    • Put it directly under "Contribute to TF" in the docs
    • Darien will keep plugging away, woo
  • Metrics for new docs contribs for 2020?
    • Pick a number and see what we can do about it
    • Aiming for 10. TEN NEW DOCS CONTRIBS IN 2020, WOO! (we hope)
  • Getting Juniper tech pub contribs?
    • VMB w/summary of Jtech pubs situation
    • DH: Could maybe have a hackathon/training there for them in Sunnyvale?
      • Ooooooh… That's a great idea!
    • VMB: Would need to prep a lot, create supporting docs, etc
      • Hackathon would be a forcing factor
  • VMB: Oh snap, have the TF Transitional Docs that we forgot about
  • 2020?
    • Hackthon maybe
    • Have a onboarding-a-new-dev test?
      • Have someone run through it and see how bad things are
    • Collect all these things in issues
      • Have a lot already, just need to collect them & come up with a plan
      • "Docs release plan" so to speak
      • Generally just a plan to break down our very big list into smaller lists and roll them out regularly
      • Have a target date and audience
        • The Juniper Tech Pubs hackathon might be a great way to do this
        • Find a way to beta test the hackathon materials before we put them in front of the tech pubs
    • Is there a conference where we're all gonna be anyway?
      • Will have to put some thought into this
      • Write the Docs?
  • Meeting time?
    • VMB needs to check with Subramanian
  • Recruiting for docs?
    • How can we get more folks in here?
    • Requiring docs for code fixes (Prabhjot already plans for this)
    • Get ATC status
      • Have a monthly email to discuss@ with a list of low-hanging docs fruit

Action items