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  • Welcome any new members!
  • Review action items from 2020-02-06 Docs Project Meeting
  • Review progress on MVP epic
  • VMB can't make it to the call next week
  • Possible migration to GitHub Pipelines
  • JIRA/Confluence Integration


  • New contributor! Vinayak! (vinAHyak)
    • At Juniper, builds demos that are used in the field, working on Contrail Enterprise Multicloud
    • Worked with Armen in the past at SDN Essentials
  • Just a friendly reminder for new contributors, create an LFN-ID to update Jira, edit the wiki, etc. See this link.
  • No action items from last week
  • Just a heads up, regarding the MVP epic, you have to login to view the Jira issues associated with the Epic. VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her) has a ticket open with LFN IT. 
  • VMB not on the call next week
    • Leave it up to the group whether they wish to have a call w/o her 
  • GitHub Pipelines
    • Do we want to ask whether it would benefit the community to move the Docs repo to GitHub Pipelines?
    • VMB: Docs should be handled the same way as code
    • Let the TSC make the call whether to move from Gerrit to GitHub
  • Jira & Confluence
    • Were supposed to have been linked together but weren't
    • Example: 2020-02-13 TSC Minutes
      • Now a Jira link in the minutes, and link back in the ticket
    • VMB: Write up a ticket to get this documented?

Action items

  • Casey CainWrite up a ticket to get the Jira/Confluence connections documented