• Casey submitted a ticket to review why we can't see details in a Jira Epic unless users have logged in
    • IT is working on it (In Progress)
  • IT is also working on the issue for 
  • Casey is also working with IT today on the issue with submitting patches
  • Vinayak is working on  TFB-1551 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Vinayak is on the mailing lists! (smile)
  • Casey submitted a message regarding GitHub versus Gerrit
    • DH: Do we have the resources to do this?
    • CC: Perhaps we have a conversation about what it would take
    • VI: Should we use Slack for discussions? There is a link (fourth bullet down towards the bottom) on the community website.
  • DH: Sent a message about how to branch docs
    • Continue to discuss within the community

Action items

  • Darien Hirotsu Submit a patch to address the Slack link . The goal was to remove slack (I thought).