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  • Smaller agenda because there are few people here
  • Action items
  • Patch #351
    • VMB's patch diff is showing only whitespace changes…?
    • Abirami says there are changes in patch 4, VMB will look more closely
    • VMB: Sounds like we're moving to GitHub. Keep working on this patch?
    • VMB: Could land the patch if only so Abirami gets to vote in TF elections (landing a patch!)
  • MVP tickets
    • Skipping review on the call since there aren't a lot of folks here
    • VMB will review wrt potential change to GitHub from Gerrit
    • Feel free to pick up any tickets that aren't related to Gerrit! Woo!
  • Virtual hackathon?
    • Skipping due to few people
    • Please reply to the mailing list thread instead

Action items