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  • Action items 
    • Casey: Fixed the problem with Jira not getting the Gerrit patch notifications
      • Pono: Needed a different SSH key
  • What does the docs workflow look like in a post-Gerrit world?
    • Pono: The move to GitHub shouldn't be too bad
      • Major blocker was Zuul
      • Jenkins now makes it a lot easier 
    • Pono: Suggests a trial period, doing work on both Gerrit & GitHub for a while
      • Would have to manually replicate patches
    • VMB: Assumed docs would just be a guinea pig, no replicated patches?
      • Pono: Could do that, too
    • Casey: Also interested in the workflow
      • Andrey said on TWS call that could do the parallel patches
      • TWS call showed devs are A-OK with the transition
  • Review of the workflow email
    • Patch submitted as a PR
    • Could build using Jenkins, which could report to the PR w/problems
      • Could do some more sophisticated checking here
      • VMB: Sophisticated could be good, but will add in a separate pass afterward
    • Then review, merge, publish
  • Review expectations in a GitHub world?
    • Mapping +1/-1, +2/-2?
    • Pono: GH has an approve system so can block for a certain number of reviews
      • Approve/reject (no +2 concept)
      • Can block on approves
      • Can block on bot output
    • Also has a codeowners file, so folks in there can get notified if a patch arrives
  • Build with Jenkins rather than RTD?
    • More & better checks
    • Check for syntax & other linting before anything gets published
    • Could potentially do a preview version of the docs to review, too  ← We'll probably want this!

Action items