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Attendees & Representation

TSC Members and Project representatives should mark their attendance below

X = Present | P = Proxy  (Indicate below table with @name for @name

Sukhdev Kapur - Juniper


Edward Ting - Cloudasoft


Darien Hirotsu - TachTech


Sanju Abraham - Stackpath


Randy Bias - Juniper



LF Staff: Casey Cain Daniel Pono Takamori

Others: VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her) Ian Rae


  • Start the Recording
  • Show the Antitrust Policy
  • Agenda Bashing, Roll Call, Action Items (5 Minutes)
  • General Topics
    • TSC Chair
    • Gerrit vs GitHub
  • Any Other Topics


TSC Chair

Gerrit vs GitHub

  • How will we do our workflow migration
    • Docs team offers to do a hard cutover for the Docs repo
    • General consensus that the migration needs to happen
    • Discussion around how the workflow migration should happen
  • Right now we mirror to GitHub and that adds confusion
  • Technical Challenges posted here:
  • What community resources will be assigned to resolve the migration
    • Who will be the PTL?
      • Pono? Someone else?

Action items

  • Casey Cainto send an email to the TSC to come to a consensus on the wording of the GitHub migration wording.