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  • Review action items from 2020-04-09 Docs Project Meeting
  • Gerrit to GitHub:  TFB-1574 - Getting issue details... STATUS   (← I hate this; I want to see the link, not a giant icon; Casey Cain, is there a way to disable this on a per-link basis?)
  • FYI: VMB out next week (vacation)


  • Jumping directly in to the GH transition
  • Do we move our tickets from Jira to GH Issues?
    • VMB sent email to dev@ about this:
    • Pono: Parallel question; could start thinking about it now
    • AT: Thinks GH makes sense for Issues
    • VMB will add this to the TSC call agenda for next week
  • AT: Put my ticket on hold for now?  TFB-1455 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • VMB: Oh, snap. Yes, please.
    • AT will look a different ticket for now.
  • The ticket:  TFB-1574 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Pono says this is a good list to start
      • Will add comments about bits that need to be done in Jenkins
    • Gating on +1s may be a for-pay feature
    • Will need to add bullet item for defining code owners
  • Moving forward
    • Break TFB-1574 into an epic
    • Pono will make RlsEng Jira tickets and link them to our epic
  • Will need to start thinking about the workflow/social part of this as well
    • Hard part will be getting folks outside of Docs to test the new workflow

Action items