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  • Action items
    • Pono sent the list to the list (that's not vague at all) this morning
  • TFB-1574 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Pono has rlseng ticket that he'll link here & in the epic
    • Latest status:
      • GH setup nearly ready
      • Requires 2 reviews to merge at the moment
      • Only owners can merge
      • Mirroring still turned on for now
      • CLA process still needs to be enabled
        • Checking to see whether there'll be a problem having it wired up to Gerrit AND GH at the same time
      • DCO set up (sign off on git commits required)
      • Working on staging environment
      • Investigating the Jira integration
    • Gates
      • Require +2 reviews
      • Will gate on Jenkins build passing
    • Blocked by Jenkins right now
      • Will add a Jenkins file to config stuff
      • Enable that, should be able to run the jobs at least
      • Will then need to wire up Jenkins & GH fully so Jenkins can talk back to GH
      • Will take a few days to get the script working
      • If Pono hears back from that team (Progmatic), should take less than a week to get going here
      • Once all the plumbing is done (which is what takes all the time), we can then control the build ourselves by making changes to the Jenkins file
  • Patches in Gerrit
    • TFB-1576 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Just merge these then fix in GH?
    • DH would like some time to tie some stuff off
    • By next call, whatever's done is done enough, will merge on Gerrit then fix on GitHub if necessary
  • Summary
    • Waiting on CLA
    • Waiting on Jenkins
    • Waiting to merge patches in Gerrit
  • And then we'll be done and can kiss Gerrit farewell. Booyah.
    • Theoretically could be done with this initial process by end of next week
  • After that…
    • Look at MVP tickets
    • Which ones need to change for GitHub?
    • Then use these tickets to come up with AND DOCUMENT a new docs patch workflow
  • DH: Blog post?
    • VMB: Woo, yes, brilliant
    • CC will ping Brandon
    • VMB will start to outline something

Action items