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  • Action items: None!
  • GH update!
    • Still waiting to hear from Progmatic re: Jenkins
      • We currently can't add jobs to the Jenkins 
      • Jenkins config is in Progmatic GH; will need to clone that to TF
      • Do we want to build this out already?
      • VMB: Yup; do it that way for docs, then use as basis for recommedation for all repos
    • CLA
      • Can  have it pointed to both Gerrit & GH, woo!
      • DCObot is set up already, so commits will need to be signed
    • Found a Jira integration
      • Wiring it up to GH today/tomorrow
  • Gerrit patches
    • VMB will ping Darien directly about his patches
    • Will also merge GSoC patches; clean up later
  • In summary…

Action items