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Attendees & Representation

TSC Members and Project representatives should mark their attendance below

X = Present | P = Proxy  (Indicate below table with @name for @name

Prabhjot Singh Sethi Chairperson - ATS


Edward Ting - Cloudasoft


Sukhdev Kapur - Juniper


Darien Hirotsu - TachTech


Sanju Abraham - Stackpath

Randy Bias - Juniper


Proxies: Darien Hirotsu proxies for Edward Ting

LF Staff: Casey Cain Daniel Pono Takamori

Others: VM (Vicky) Brasseur (she/her)



Docs Transition to GitHub

  • Currently blocked on Jenkins.
    • Pono working with Progmatic team

Community Release Manager

  • Need a release plan
    • It was suggested that there is some more feedback needed from the Community around the release so that the TSC can come to a formal agreement
  • Sukhdev Kapur It is a higher priority to developing the release plan.  However, the person that has volunteered is familiar with the code and could help develop the release plan further.
  • It was asked how long the term should be?
    • Casey indicated that it is typically 1 year in other LF communities
    • Does it make sense to have a Release Manager per release?
      • There were some comments suggesting that it would be nice to have some continuity. 
    • It could be nice to have a Release Management Team.
      • We can certainly add that language to the role
      • That could be a long term goal for sure
  • We should make sure that the CRM should document their processes in case they need to step away for some reason.

Community Meetings

  • What can we do to make it easier for you to participate in the TF Community?
  • Casey and Heather working to do 1:1s with Community leaders to see how they can Improve engagement

LFN Developer & Testing Forum

  • Topic Proposals are due no later than 
    • Darien asked about Documentation discussions that happen. 
      • Casey talked about the last even having a discussion around migrating developer wiki content to ReadTheDocs 
      • Recording

Update on the Repo Migration

  • An update from Randy on the Repo migration is that there are 12 repos left.
    • They are being actively used by Juniper which is slowing the migration
    • No word on when they will be complete
    • TFB-1499 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Ticket has not been updated in quite some time, but I have been told that it is still actively being worked on.
  • Prabhjot Singh Sethi we still have a concern about the license in the container repo.
    • Still being worked on by Juniper.  Casey is following up regularly. 

Update from TAC

  • Heath Review from the TAC
    • 3 things considered major
      • Why are we using Jenkins instead of a cloud-based provider?
        • It was explained that this effort has been happening for quite some time.
        • Zuul was not supported by the LF and at the time it made sense to migrate to Jenkins
        • It may be that at some point in the future we could consider options
      • Representation to the MAC
        • Vicky will be representing the project to the MAC
        • Juniper is seeking a new marketing representative but this may also be a great opportunity for a community member organization to take a leadership role in driving Tungsten Fabric marketing and awareness across the LF.
      • Participation in Cross-Community Collaboration
        • Need more bodies to support ongoing efforts to collaborate with ONAP, DPDK and others.
        • Great opportunity for community member organizations to lead the charge and take leadership roles.
          • Sukhdev Kapur suggested Intel could help lead our efforts to engage with ONAP.

Action items

  • Casey will kick-off a vote to approve the Community Release Manager Role  
  • Once the Community Release Manager Role is approved, Casey will kick-off an election for the role.