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  • G to GH update
    • Pono is sick right now. (sad)
    • Gerrit patches landed, but mirroring to GH didn't happen
      • Pono is looking into it
    • Sending email to a different person for the Jenkins stuff
    • Later today will set Gerrit to read-only
      • AT THAT POINT we'll be committing to GitHub only
      • Will do this w/o Jenkins for now, since it's no different than what we have now
  • The new gates for GH (for now, could add more later)
    • CLA
    • DCO (Signed-by)
  • And that…?
    • The move should be done
    • Will need to send a test PR to confirm the RtD is working
  • Blog post
    • Brandon is working on this
    • Have a draft
    • VMB will send the draft along
  • Workflow…?
    • Pono suggests making a GH-Workflow branch in GH
    • This will allow us to have two different versions of docs pub'd on RtD
    • Can then rewrite docs for GH workflow while still retaining docs about Gerrit so folks can still contribute to the other repos until they transition to GH

Action items