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  • Action items from 21st
    • easyCLA: Currently no examples of it being set up in 2 places
      • Email asking about it
      • DCO may be adequate?
        • VMB: CLA is at project level, set by LF, probably not adequate
    • Not done pushing unmirrored changes yet
    • Jenkins?
      • Pono emailed Progmatic but haven't heard back
      • Hit/miss to get responses from them
      • VMB suggests Pono coordinate with Jared
      • No documentation about how to set up new Jenkins jobs; will need to work on that
    • RtD to get multiple branches
      • Ready to go but need to know which branches
      • RtD doesn't have native support for branch building; it's a Jenkins thing
      • This would allow us to have multiple versions of the RtD docs at once: Production, In Development
      • PRs would get their own previews by way of "local" builds
      • VMB: Not cutting releases yet, so should postpone this until then
      • Pono: +1. Trivial to add later
  • Action items from 28th
    • DH: Follow up on documentation he was working on
    • VMB: Put all work on hold until GH transition is done
  • Jared: Update on the repo move
    • Contrail release 2005 done, can start generating more reviews
      • Large window before 2008 branch
      • 2008 branch cut around mid-July-ish
    • 3 reviews lined up, 11 left after that
    • Hope to get these last ones done before the 2008 branch
      • Could happen within 2 weeks 
      • Assumes no CI or other problems
    • Final repos are most active; will be a problem w/that?
      • Don't anticipate that
      • Any delays would probably be in communication
    • Jared hopes to join docs call going forward
  • Jira to issues

Action items