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  • Action items from 2020-06-25 Docs Project Meeting
  • Update on Jira → Issues 
    • still waiting on TSC call today
  • Update on Gerrit → GitHub
    • disabled DCO check since EasyCLA is working
    • reduced required reviews to 1


  • Action items
    • VMB sent PR; proved easyCLA is working (yay!); will now close PR w/o merge
  • Jira → Issues
    • Pono reviewed more tools
    • Paid tools will need TSC approval
      • Will talk to them today
      • Would cost only ~ $200
    • Also, those tools have "really sketch permissions"
      • Root level of the TF Jira server; would give them SSO access, which would be bad
      • Sent the tools off to LF IT for an audit
    • If can't find one that's A-OK to use (pass audit, approval to spend), will have to do a lot of manual scripting
      • Manual scripting would take a few days, at the very least
  • Gerrit → GitHub
    • easyCLA works!
    • DCO no longer needed, so Pono dropped it (yay!)
    • For now, dropped # required reviews to one
      • Will bump this up to 2 again when there is a larger docs team
    • What's left?
    • Jenkins. Still. Dammit.
      • This is the only thing holding us back at this point.
      • Jared: They might be close on this
      • VMB: Irritated. They're bottlenecks & they don't communicate well
        • Asked Jared to push them to complete this, ask them to Cc docs@ mailing list, keep people in the loop (Jared: OK, will try)

Action items