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  • Jira to GH Issues
    • Plugins Pono was looking at had too invasive of permissions
    • Back to scripting instead
    • Hope to have all issues imported by EOD tomorrow! Woo!
  • Gerrit to GH
    • Jenkins?
    • It looks like getting reporting & logging back from Jenkins will take some time
    • Have GH Actions in place & those are working (test PR is OK)
    • Pono could write the Jenkins job & get them to add it
    • Not sure how to get that work done
      • Jared: Just need to get that scheduled
      • Will open an issue
  • Summary
    • Issues will be done tomorrow
    • Counting Gerrit transition to be done now
    • Will do Jenkins cleanup as soon as we can (see soon-to-be-created issue)

Action items