Attendees & Representation

Jared Linley

Daniel Pono Takamori

Szymon Golebiewski

Casey Cain


  • Different time for meeting


Different time for meeting

  • Pono will send meeting

Stephen Moore talking about Jira and blueprints

  • other items?
  • Casey: naming and terminology
    • architecture and what that looks like in Jira
  • Pono: repo migration and committer list information
  • Jared: wait to GA, behind schedule for testing
    • solution testing was due aug 24th
    • then can merge and start migrating as the newest release happens
    • hopefully next week or so

  • Szymon: Clarification on on which repos are in Juniper and which are Tungsten
    • a confluence page or into docs
  • Jared: Will get a list of the repos in progress for moving and what has already moved

  • Jared:  Unable to locate Jira server for this macro. It may be due to Application Link configuration. limiting number of priorities in Jira
    • limit to 4 to match Juniper?
      • Critical, High, Medium, Low
  • Casey: Done now!

Action items