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When adding new topics to meetings

  1. Prefix the topic name with the following tags, if applicable:
    1. [idea] - the topic owner introduces a new idea to be discussed
    2. [information] - the topic owner only provides information
    3. [decision wanted] - the topic owner is looking for a decision
    4. [discussion] - a general discussion
    5. [question] - the topic owner is looking for an answer
  2. Add the topic owner name in parentheses at the end of the line


  1. Progress on the structure - WIP: Documentation structure (Szymon Golebiewski)
  2. Plan for the next week (Szymon Golebiewski)


  • After the upgrade of Sphinx, tox doesn't build documentation. Szymon Golebiewski will create a ticket for Daniel Pono Takamori to take a look at that.
  • Jared Linley connected Szymon Golebiewski with Juniper's IX team. This is the team responsible for documentation.
  • Szymon Golebiewski is talking to IX team to get Juniper's documentation in raw format (currently it is stored using XML). 
  • Those files will need to be translated to reST format. Szymon Golebiewski will do research are there any off-the-shelf tools for that or do we need custom scripts.
  • Meanwhile, Szymon Golebiewskiis working on introducing versioning for the documentation. This way the documentation we already have will be released as 5.0 while the new one will be release as beta.

Action items

  • Szymon will create a draft for the documentation survey.