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  1. Prefix the topic name with the following tags, if applicable:
    1. [idea] - the topic owner introduces a new idea to be discussed
    2. [information] - the topic owner only provides information
    3. [decision wanted] - the topic owner is looking for a decision
    4. [discussion] - a general discussion
    5. [question] - the topic owner is looking for an answer
  2. Add the topic owner name in parentheses at the end of the line


  1. Progress on the structure - WIP: Documentation structure (Szymon Golebiewski)
  2. Documentation for R2011:
    1. wait and copy
    2. ask for docs and merge them after the migration is finished
  3. Plan for the next week (Szymon Golebiewski)
    1. Document where to store specs and blueprint?
    2. Document how to create API documentation and API docs generator


  1. Juniper provided information on which part of Contrail documentation can be copied to Tungsten Fabric
  2. As R2011 is coming to finish we need to decide if we are moving the documentation now or should we wait with that step until Junipers R2011. This way we won't need another sync of documentation
  3. We need to figure out how to incorporate documentation update in the Junipers process or how to automatically check Contrail documentation for updates
  4. Transfer of documentation will require to answer some of the questions regarding used names:
    1. Contrail- prefix if used in source code very often. Should documentation follow that naming convention or should it be de-contrailized?
    2. We should construct a dictionary of contrail names that should or should not be de-contrailzed. For example, Contrail Controller should be TF controller while Contrail Command should not be translated.
  5. During a transfer of documents, there might be a problem with screenshots. Contrail uses Contrail Command while TF uses WebUI. We need to figure out how to flag such pages. 

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