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  1. Prefix the topic name with the following tags, if applicable:
    1. [idea] - the topic owner introduces a new idea to be discussed
    2. [information] - the topic owner only provides information
    3. [decision wanted] - the topic owner is looking for a decision
    4. [discussion] - a general discussion
    5. [question] - the topic owner is looking for an answer
  2. Add the topic owner name in parentheses at the end of the line


  1. Progress on the structure - WIP: Documentation structure (Szymon Golebiewski)
  2. Documentation for R2011
  3. Plan for the next week (Szymon Golebiewski)


Documentation Tools

  1. Created docsTools directory in documentation to store different tools that will be needed in the creation of documentation
  2. New tools were added to the docs repository:
    1. analyzes Juniper documentation for deleted, added pages
    2. downloads each documentation page
  3. New readme file describing how to use the above scripts

Documenting release notes

  1. Each EPIC should contain release notes
  2. For smaller tasks / bug fixes there will be additional EPIC in each release (for example: Bugfixes)
  3. Adam Grochowski will work on preparing release notes for R2011. As the previous release was 5.0, the new release notes must contain information from all Contrail releases between 5.0 and R2008/R2011.

Action items