The goal of this project is to provide documentation for Tungsten Fabric open source project.

The documentation will cover below topics:


Why Tungsten Fabrics (TF) exist?

Tungsten Fabric overview
What is the governance structure for this open source project?Governance
How does the release process look like?Release
How to install TF?
How to deploy TF?
How to use TF?
How to contribute code to TF?
How to contribute documentation to TF?

What are the internal processes and workflows

in this open source project (CI, website maintenance etc.)?

What are the marketing efforts?Marketing
How to connect with the community?
What was the idea bind particular functionality?
What is a test plan to validate particular functionality?
What tests are done on Tungsten Fabric before a release???

Documentation & Training

This wiki section contains information about the processes and workflow od the Documentation project. 

Guidelines for becoming contributor, writing documentation, and manuals can be found here:

Release Planning & Release Notes


Project Facts

Project Creation Date:  
Project Lead: Nick Davey
Mailing List:  See Mailing Lists 
Meetings: See Community Meetings
Repository: See Github repository 
Open Bugs: See JIRA
Emeritus Committers:

Project Working Documents

Task Report

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Project Files

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Deprecated Files

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