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  • DPDK event?
    • VMB: is this a dev event or a marketing event?
    • LC: This tends to be both, but marketing side is mostly to inform vendors
    • VMB: Prabhjot has been doing a lot of dpdk work; pretty sure they'll be +1 on this but need more info
  • Web update mockups?
    • Does LF need more info from us to get this started? If not, what's the ETA?
    • No Jill, so will have to ask about this
  • Positioning update
    • Darien has added his info to the positioning document
    • LC has had a conversation w/Sukhdev
    • Next week LC will try to integrate Randy, Darien, & Sukhdev's input
  • LFN MAC update
    • Kicked off planning for next budget cycle
    • What does TF want to do from a marketing perspective for 2020?
      • Funding for DDFs?
      • Contractor to help with tech marketing?
    • VMB: Timing on this discussion?
      • LC: Need to finalise by November
      • Will need to coordinate with the TSC as well, naturally
    • Process
      • Projects send over asks
      • LFN then reconciles the asks
      • Get budgets by November
    • Last year board wanted digital marketing prioritsed 
      • Devs didn't like this; wanted events instead
    • This year, board stressed that less money be spent on events
      • So there'll be more focus on digital marketing
      • Expected funded events:
        • ONS, Kubecon, that's it
        • Booth, sure, but also could be joint working sessions, etc.
    • VMB: where to start with this process? Wiki page to gather ideas, or…?
      • LC: Start discussing strategic goals for the project for the next year
      • VMB: List exists: 2019 TSC Priorities
        • Little progress for 2019, so most will probably roll over for 2020
    • VMB: Next step?
      • Add this to the tsc@ agenda (VMB will do)
    • RC: If given list of projects to compare against, can audit & discover what stuff converts best
      • LC: Yes, this would be awesome, +1
  • Events
    • Sept 5: Intel developer day
      • ET working on a project for this
      • Want to write something about it?
        • VMB: Yes, please
      • ET: OK, working on demo this week, will report back next Friday & figure out what to do with it
    • Oct 18-19: Event in Ukraine
      • Invite from Ivan
      • Have little information besides link above
      • 500 participants, 45 speakers, 2 days, 4 streams
      • Want us to give a presentation
      • VMB: Toss this to dev@ to see whether anyone's able to participate

Action items

  • Lisa CaywoodFollow up with Jill to get more info about the DPDK event (if Jill isn't able to join the call)
  • Edward Ting Follow up next week about Intel dev day
  • Edward Ting Toss the Ukraine event to dev@ to see whether anyone's able to participate
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