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  • VMB (Juniper)
  • Edward Ting (Lenovo)
  • Anda Nicolae (Lenovo)


  • Meeting time
  • Define group mission
  • Brainstorm what we have to do going forward
  • Recruiting for the group
  • Examples from other projects?


  • Meeting time
    • Edward will send reminder email to the list
    • VMB pinged Fawn, sending her the Doodle
  • Define group mission
    • Types of docs?
      • Originally started for release notes, getting started guides
    • VMB: ALL THE DOCS (wink)
  • Brainstorm what we have to do going forward
    • Survey current documentation/information architecture
      • Find gaps
    • Decide format for docs
      • Will use RST? Markdown?
    • Decide location for docs
      • This may impact the doc format we need to use
    • Decide information architecture (how to we organise the docs?)
    • Keep issues in GitHub or move to Jira?
      • Probably Jira to match everywhere else
    • Styleguide
    • Move the docs to the same git as where the code ends up after the transition out from the Juniper umbrella
  • Recruiting for the group
    • Anda: How can we get more people to help with docs/tutorials?
      • VMB: Targeted asks "we need $thing" not "anyone want to write docs?"
    • Anda: Maybe also prizes for participation?
      • VMB: Maybe earn badges for now, add prizes when we have budget?
  • ET: How do other projects do this stuff?
    • VMB: Maybe all come up with a fave project (as far as docs) & share them in the group?

Action Items

  • ???: Get rid of community-docs repo (it's superfluous) ← do this after all of the repos are moved
  • vmb: Open a helpdesk ticket to get a new mailing list for the docs group
  • all: Share your fave FOSS docs
  • all: Have a look at the current docs, survey them for where they are, what they are, whether we see any obvious gaps
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