• VMB (Juniper)
  • Chaitanya (Juniper)
  • Maddison (CloudOps)
  • James (Juniper)
  • Ryan McMeniman (Juniper)
  • Robert Cathey (


  • Update on "marketing mailing list is misconfigured & erroring right now"
  • Review action items from  2019-02-15 TF Marketing WG Meeting
  • Meetup opportunities and outreach efforts
    • London panel?
  • Service Mesh Day demo
  • Developer Summit: update from TSC/CC call
  • Diversity of companies in our Working Group (how can we recruit others to join us)
  • Talk about metrics 
    • Meetups
    • Conferences
    • Carbide
    • Community diversity
    • Others?


Active meetup opportunities: 

  1. The Kubernetes & CNCF Bulgaria meetup requested a TF speaker for 2/28, but we passed on this because we couldn’t find a speaker in time. *They would welcome a speaker at a later meeting.
  2. Prague Containers Meetup - open to having a speaker, requested abstract and availability. No response to request for speakers on Slack and dev email list.
  3. Cloud Native London - interested in a service mesh presentation.
  4. OSN User Group in Moscow is interested hosting a TF presenter at an upcoming meetup in May or June. Alex's team unable to to this. If no other options, we will need to decline.
  5. Bay Area Cloud-Native Open Infrastructure Meetup would like a service mesh presentation ("the best security of both worlds" demo) and has asked if Juniper will host/provide speaker/select date. Organizer Lisa Namphy also suggests partnering with Henrik (from NeuVector), who is interested in sponsoring an Istio meetup. Perhaps partner up to help mitigate costs and organizational effort. Chaitanya?

Ongoing meetup outreach:

  • Robert/Jennifer touching base with Qasim Arham (DFW) and Philip Goddard (Boston) to confirm their willingness to present SDN Hands-on Lab or other topics
    • Philip is available after April
    • No word yet from Qasim
  • Robert/Jennifer pitching Service Mesh and SDN Lab topics in Bay Area
    • Lisa Namphy suggested contacting Sujata’s Out of the Box Networking meetup for a service mesh presentation ("At-scale cluster load balancing" demo) or an SDN lab that could perhaps be hosted at Intel
    • We've also sent messages to organizers of Bay Area OSNUG, Bay Area Kubernetes Meetup, San Francisco Cloud Mafia, and SF Bay Area Microservices and Cloud-Native Apps Meetup
    • We'll continue to identify and contact 3-4 groups a day until we've saturated the area with invites.
  • Maddison pursuing opportunities in Canada (will have updates in Q2)
  • Marta keeping an eye out for opportunities for Codilime to offer speakers

  • Mailing list
    • Not actually broken. A-OK to use!
  • Action items
    • James: Update WG lists on website: defer until TSC is settled
    • Chaitanya: will share spreadsheet of Juniper events where TF could participate
    • VMB: list of events?
      • Will wait for Chaitanya's list then add to it if needed; we can discuss later
    • Robert: Conversations in-flight with Yandex. This is going forward, woo!
  • Meetup/outreach
    • See Jennifer's notes above
    • Specifically, coordinating with Lisa Namphy's OpenInfra/CloudNative group (~7K members) to present soon
      • This may be hosted at Juniper?
    • Maddison receiving questions about labs for the events: how hands-on?
      • Many attendees are architects, etc, not devs
      • James: it's pretty straightforward, not too difficult for non-devs
    • Doing a massive sweep of the Bay Area meetups
      • Should be a lot easier to find speakers 
    • London Panel
      • VMB will ping Graeme in London about this
  • Service Mesh Day Demo
    • Maddison is syncing with his team to see whether they can get a video of the demo a week before
    • Then the Juniper folks could re-use the demo for Service Mesh Day
    • Will also share the presentation
    • Rainjini is looking into a technical demo on the Juniper side
  • Improving diversity of companies represented on the MWG
    • JK: Hard to get people to join consistently
      • Used to get Tim from Intel
      • Used to get someone from Lenovo at least help with meetup support

Conference updates

  1. ONS NA
    1. Running Tungsten Fabric at Scale - Piyush Srivastava, Workday - Thursday, April 4 • 3:40pm - 4:10pm
  2. Open Infrastructure Summit - Agenda (No TF topics accepted?) << yes, three. But they're tagged with Open Contrail, not TF. Sigh.

Action Items

  • VMB will reach out to Graeme about the London event
  • VMB will ping AT&T about joining the MWG
  • James will ping Intel about joining the MWG, also Redapt
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